About me

About me

Champions Coach Andreas Benz
As a young man, I played a lot of sports during my school days. My heart beat especially for tennis, football and ice hockey and it still does today. The fascination of competing with others and to become better every day, to achieve something special and to win has always been a major incentive and force in my life.

Joy of competition was also an important criterion in my career choice, which led me to the trading department of a Swiss bank. This was the beginning of a career in the financial industry lasting around thirty years. From a banker to a hedge fund manager and from a CEO to an entrepreneur – I had a perfect career. Admittedly, my first marriage fell by the wayside, use of stomach acid blockers even exceeded use of Aspirin against headaches, and the fun of work got lost somewhere between hotel rooms, airports and meeting rooms many years ago. I knew how to be successful in making a career in the financial industry, how to build up my own company, achieve high targets, lead and motivate employees, but I had no idea how to manage my own private life. It was high time to thoroughly rethink everything and draw the consequences.

A lengthy and difficult process followed, in which a coach would have done me very good in retrospect. First of all, I had no idea that such a person existed and if I had known, I would probably have thought that as a seasoned manager I could solve my problems on my own. Today I know better. To admit weaknesses and accept help from others is a sign of strength and greatness.

At the end of this process, it became clear to me: I wanted to turn my back on the financial industry and start all over again. I enrolled at the New York Film Academy and began learning the craft of filmmaking. My heart began beating for writing scripts, and thus, I attended another script school in Los Angeles. After my training, I wrote my first scripts and produced smaller films. I also started to build up a second career in the field of corporate and strategic storytelling. At the same time my scripts became increasingly better, so that Constantin Film became aware of my work. In addition to writing and storytelling, colleagues from the financial industry increasingly asked me for advice. They always addressed me with career and personal questions that usually overwhelmed me. I did not feel being able to provide help and advice for these people as the responsibility seemed too big to me. Nevertheless, I was fascinated by the opportunity to help other people with my experience or to support them in difficult decisions as a sparring partner. I therefore decided to continue my education as a life and business coach at the renowned Dr. Bock Coaching Academy in Berlin. I realized quickly that I could provide the greatest service to people who were in a similar situation to me. Today, my professional life stands on three pillars. I continue to enthusiastically write scripts, coach champions from the fields of business, sports and the entertainment and maintain also my duties of my supervisory board mandate of a listed company in Germany. But most importantly: I am healthier than ever, enjoy my work every day and have a wonderful family, for whom I have enough time now.

My goal as Champions Coach is to help you achieving your goals, wishes, and dreams faster, happier and with more ease, so that you can fully enjoy your life at the highest level.