Champions Coaching

As Champions Coach I am always fascinated about that goal-oriented coaching can do wonders in a short time. Accompanying successful people and seeing their dreams and targets come true inspires me anew every day.

It is my ambition to work together with my customers to achieve their goals. People who have already achieved a lot, whether managers, athletes, or stars from the entertainment industry, have very specific needs in their lives at the top. As a champions coach, I specialize in just that.

For my customers I am a valuable sparring partner who provides support at the eye level, exactly where it is needed. Managers come to me for career questions, strategy problems, new positioning, or employee problems but also for questions about planned changes and exits.

Athletes often seek additional motivation before major events such as championships or decision games. However, they also seek support after painful defeats and for planning their lives after their sports careers. To know a successful life coach at one’s side often provides inner peace that forms the basis for true champions.

Stars in the entertainment industry are living a very intensive life, in which it is increasingly difficult to find the balance between success, social media, the public, enough breathing space, and time to relax. In the tense midst of managers who are pulling forward, fans who leave little breathing room, full calendars, family, and time for themselves, they need someone who only wants the best for the stars – the Champions Coach.

My goal as Champions Coach is to help you achieving your goals, wishes, and dreams faster, happier and with more ease, so that you can fully enjoy your life at the highest level.