Andreas Benz - About me

Champions Coach
As a young man, I played a lot of sports during my school days. My heart beat especially for tennis, football and ice hockey and it still does today. The fascination of competing with others and to become better every day, to achieve something special and to win has always been a major incentive and force in my life.

Coaching Philosophy

Champions Coaching is an efficient and focused coaching method, developed for people at the top. People at the top, whether in business, sports, or entertainment business, face strikingly similar challenges in their daily lives. Although they usually know exactly what they want to achieve, they often lack an equal partner to support them on a basis of trust.

The Champions Coaching Method

Champions Coaching is a highly efficient method developed by me for successful professionals from the world of business, sports, and the entertainment. They all have in common that they have little time, ambitious goals and depend on absolute discretion.

Executive Coaching

Targeted support at the highest level helps managers to be even more successful.

Athletes Coaching

Champions are champions because they know that they are winners.

Stars Coaching

A life in the spotlight is intense and needs the right backing.

Champions Coaching

As Champions Coach I am always fascinated about that goal-oriented coaching can do wonders in a short time.



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