Coaching Method

Champions Coaching is a highly efficient method developed by me for successful professionals from the world of business, sports, and the entertainment. They all have in common that they have little time, ambitious goals and depend on absolute discretion.

Champions Coaching is tailored to these needs.

  1. A non-binding, personal discussion takes place in which the issue of the customer is clearly outlined, and it is also established whether the personal chemistry matches. In addition, a temporal and financial framework is agreed.
  2. The coaching takes place in my premises or at a neutral venue.
  3. The coaching is absolutely focused and precisely aligned to the agreed goal. Anything that is not effective is eliminated.
  4. Based on the experience and know-how of the customer, a common strategy is developed.
  5. The customer’s goal is achieved quickly and reliably with clearly measurable steps.
  6. Traditional coaching usually ends when the goals are achieved. Yet, experience shows that it is exactly the moment when further, professional coaching decides on long-term and sustainable success. That’s why Champions Coaching goes one step further than conventional coaching.

My goal as a Champions Coach is to help you achieving your goals, wishes, and dreams faster, happier and with more ease, so that you can fully enjoy your life at the highest level.